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Tissue Paper Printing Machine

If you want to manufacture upmarket tissue paper, you need to print or emboss something on the paper, As a top-brand tissue paper machine manufacturer,  Ean machinery can provide you types of tissue paper printing machine at reasonable prices.Please checc more details of Ean tissue printing machine for sale now.

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Automatic Table Napkin Colors Printing Machine For Sale

Automatic Toilet Paper Colors Printing Machinery
Automatic Paper Napkin Colors Printing Machinery

Main Technical Parameters

Model: EAN-PP-01
1. Open size of paper: 185*185mm-400*400mm
2. Finished folded size: 100X(75-105) mm
3. Original paper size: 1100 mm diameter
4. Original paper core diameter: 76.2 mm
5. Processing capacity: 400-450 pieces / min
6. Embossing system: Steel Roll / Wool Roll
7. Electronic counting system
8. Equipment Installed Power: 3KW
9. Dimensions of machine:  5200X700X1500 mm
10. Weight: 1500kg


1. Various folding patterns of the tissue paper printing and embossing machine can be decided by your needs
2. The embossment of table napkin tissue papaer making machine is conducted by electric-heating to stable temperature from steel roller to fiber roller, also other material of embossment roller can be adopted as customer request.
3. Stepless adjustment is adopted to unwind the jumbo roll. The whole machine works synchronously, which can be accelerated up immediately and have high efficiency
4. 1~2 color printing can be equipped as per customers’ choice.
5. As per request, auto counting and outputting in alignment can be materialized.
6. Bearing, electric components and synchronous belt are domestic famous brands

Toilet Paper Printing Machine For Sale

Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Printing Machine
Toilet Paper Roll Printing Machine

Main Technical Parameters

Model: EAN-PP-02

1. Jumbo roll paper width: 1200~1800mm (as per request)
2. Jumbo roll paper thickness: 13~60g/m2
3. Production speed: 60~100m/min
4. Machine power: 5.5kw (380v 50Hz) (don’t include electrothermal drying device)
5. Overall size of equipment: (L x W x H m ) :
1575 type (two colors) 4×2.1×1.5
1092 type (two colors) 3 x 1.7 x 1.5
6. Equipment weight: about 2.5 Tons.

Equipment Functions And Configuration

1.Suitable for jumbo roll paper water color ink hectograph. (Printing color number will be according to requirement from customer.)
2.This printing machine is auxiliary equipment for rewinding perforating toilet paper machine and diamond paper machine.
3.Unwinding, printing and rewinding run synchronously to enable increase and lower speed instantly with high efficiency production.
4.Unwinding and rewinding can be equipped with stepless speed adjusting device to guarantee tension of paper stable and even during unwinding and rewinding .
5.Printing organ is equipped with relative phase adjustment device, can conduct overprint’s phase without stopping machine.
6.Bearing, electric component and synchronous belt use famous brand.

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